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FruityLoops v3.0
Starting as a drumloop creator, FruityLoops evolved to a complete loop and song creating package that might even replace your sequencer. FruityLoops can hold an unlimited number of samples and channels and play those stand- alone or by triggering you midi equipment.

  • contains over 500 samples, 90 loops/songs and 7 plugins including the new Fruity Reeverb
  • full enveloped instruments with LFO
  • 'live record' all the sliders and wheels in Fruityloops
  • control all the wheels with your external midi controller
  • supports VST&DX plugins
  • Integrated BeatSlicer: slices a rhythm loop into its individual beats/events and then saves each beat/event into a separate a wave file.
  • LFO in the Event-editor
  • Live Tempo recording
  • LAME MP3-encoder
  • unlimited number of channels (not just 8)
  • from 4 to 64 notes per pattern
  • export to wav, mp3, MIDI file or clipboard
  • uses both MIDI and DirectSound
  • integrated samplebrowser
  • individual panning, volume, pitch, mix, ...
  • piano keyboard
  • cool effects to alter the samples
  • playlist allowing to mix several patterns
  • nice layout (with moveable toolbars)
  • skin support
February 2001
7,5 MB

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