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Sound Forge 4.5g
Sound Forge 4.5 is professional sound editing software for Windows that includes an extensive set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Combine Sound Forge 4.5 with any Windows-compatible sound card to create, record, edit, and refine audio files. The clean interface and familiar Windows environment make editing fast and easy.

Sound Forge 4.5 now includes Sonic Foundry's Batch Converter and Spectrum Analysis Plug-Ins. Batch Converter saves time and alleviates the monotony of converting and processing numerous audio files. Thousands of files can be processed in a single batch. Any process, effect, or tool in Sound Forge 4.5 or any DirectX Audio Plug-In can be batch processed.

Spectrum Analysis performs precise FFT analysis and displays the resulting data in two graphical formats. The Spectrum Graph allows real-time monitoring of playback or input, while the Sonogram displays a playback cursor for real-time previewing. Both view options make it easy to navigate through data and read audio frequency and position.

February 16 2000
8 Mb

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