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VAZ+ 1.7
Polyphony, user selectable depending on machine capability Patch load/save to file, 16 patches can be preloaded to memory and selected by midi program change Capture Sequence, will create a wave file from your sequence Sequencer can play patterns in order/random, has a pattern randomiser and can load/save to file 2 selectable midi controllers/velocity/aftertouch as mod sources, also panel controls respond to BassStation, PhatBoy and other programmable MIDI controllers Variable waveform LFO: variable pulse and falling saw-triangle-rising saw. DirectX support for low latency playback. Triangle waveform for Oscillator 1 Oscillator 2 gains saw/triangle modulation for the sawtooth waveform, a multisaw waveform and sample playback which can load a 16 bit mono wave file. 64bit Filter algorithms 16 pattern Sequencer. Arpeggiator, accessable from both synth and sequencer windows with 4 octave range and random 2 options added. New graphical UI. Selectable 11, 22, 32 ,44.1 and 48kHz sample output rate. Sequencer redesigned with sliders for pitch to give a more analogue feel. Gate time and accent level now per pattern and gang switches allow all sliders in a row to be moved together. Master Tuning added in Preferences. Auto Glide mode added in Preferences, which enables Portamento only when notes overlap. MIDI Controller mappings for all sliders in the synth and sequencer windows.
October 1999

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