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Rebirth RB-338 Demo 2.01
Silver box. Blinking LEDs. Knobs to twiddle. And a sound like nothing else on this planet. If you're into techno, trance, ambient, hardcore. .. you know exactly what we're talking about. For those sweeping, hypnotic basslines you simply must have the sound of a 303 in your arsenal of sonic weapons. Easier said than done, though. It's been out of production for well over a decade. Those still in existence are collector's items. They'll cost you an arm and a leg. Which, of course, has opened a market for products recreating those classic sounds. But so far, the magic of the real thing has been lacking somehow. What we ask of you is faith. Propellerhead Software proudly presents: ReBirth RB-338! Two 303s and one 808. All the quirks and subtle qualities of the real thing are there. With full MIDI and sync capabilities. No cables, no boxes... all you need is a Mac or a PC. Yes, ReBirth is a software recreation of these two classic pieces of analog hardware. And the best one the world has seen so far. Do you believe the unbelievable now?"
Dec 4 1998
4.3 Mb

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