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Drums! lets musicians easily create drum parts for their songs. Using a friendly interface, it offers a nearly unlimited number of instruments and bars per song, volume and panning controls for each beat, and a pattern manager that lets you create music just by tapping on your computer's keyboard. Drums! makes use of sampled digital audio instead of MIDI to produce its music. This means that results are dependent only on the quality of your samples and your artistic skills. (The samples included sound very good there are plenty of other available for download after registering.) Other nice features include a tempo editor with one-tick resolution, time signature change support, and a bookmark editor for putting comments into your creations. When you register, you'll be able to export your projects to CD-quality .wav files.


  • user defined drumset with unlimited number of instruments
  • instruments are sampled in 44 100 Hz (mono)
  • 32 768 bars per song
  • volume, panning and length can be set for every single beat
  • pattern manager you can create music just by tapping on the keyboard
  • tempo editor with one tick resolution
  • time signature change support
  • bookmark editor you can put comments into your creations
  • export to WAV in CD quality (44 100 Hz stereo)
August 15 1999
2,6 Mb

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