4-Track MP3 Mix Master Studio v2.5
- Automatic cross fade for all tracks
- Mix any 4 MP3 files down to a new wave file.
- Mix any 4 wave files down to a new wave file.
- Normalize wave files.
- Convert Mp3 files to wave format.
- Recreate a new MP3 file with your current MP3 Codec.
- Create your own unique MP3 CD
- Select starting positions of Tracks 2,3, & 4.
- Perform Fade Ins & Fade Outs and remix.
- Volume control from +18 db down to -99 db
- Balance (left 100 % - right 100%)
- % DSP applied is displayed.
- Drop Outs, when applicable, are displayed in increments of 50 ms.
- Mix wave files with MP3 files of any size
- Tracks are synchronized to prevent delay during simultaneous playback and record.
- Adjust the volumes of the faders to the appropriate levels.
Free Beta
June 9 2000